Growing Warm Season Beans in Phoenix


BEST TIME TO PLANT:  Early spring once the soil has warmed, and mid-summer to late summer.


WARM SEASON BEAN VARIETIES:  Black-eyed peas, Butter Beans, Green beans & Wax beans, Lima beans, Pinto beans, Scarlet Runner beans, Soybeans (Edamame), Tepary beans, Yard-long beans (Asparagus beans).  Provide support for runner beans & pole beans.


SUN:  6-8 hours of direct sun, minimum. In less sun, production will be diminished.


SOIL:  Should be well prepared with plenty of organic matter added to it.


PLANT SPACING:  Follow instructions on seed packet – spacing varies by variety.


WATERING:  Keep top inch or two of soil moist until seedlings emerge. Once plants are established, water deeply & thoroughly so water penetrates to a depth of 8” to 10”.  Allow the top inch of soil to become between damp & dry before watering again, deeply and thoroughly.


FERTILIZING:  Fertilize once, when the beans have bloomed, and pods are beginning to form.


HARVESTING:  Keep green beans & wax beans picked, & pick before seeds begin to mature.  Keeping plants picked promotes production.


ONCE THE HARVEST IS OVER:  Cut plants off at the ground and leave the roots in the garden.  Bean roots fix nitrogen and improve soil fertility.




  Johnny’s Seeds – (seed & seed inoculant)


  Native Seeds Search – (very cool Southwestern heirloom bean seed)


  Vermont Bean Seed Company – (seeds & inoculant)


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